Brain Cramps …

Merry Covid-mas

The world is going through a global Pandemic and as the year slowly limps to an end, it seems like time for a: Robertson Newsletter: Survivor Edition Can the year 2020 get any worse? The Moronavirus Ian, that Covidiot, as usual took everything he heard the wrong way. He has spent most of the yearContinue reading “Merry Covid-mas”

Brain Farts …


They say that laughter is the best medicine. However the power of music can not be far behind. Songs can have a multitude of benefits to us Parkies. The beat can get us swaying and moving beyond our tremors. The lyrics can create positive reinforcements of What to do, Why to do it, and HowContinue reading “Songs”

I slipped I Stumbled I fell

Yesterday I fell off the step stool changing an overhead fluorescent ceiling light. Broke the old tubes cut my knee and what comes to mind? Elvis ! Take that Parkinson’s!!!!!!

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