Faith and Attitude

With my Parkinson’s diagnosis (2012) I feel somewhat distant in my attitude from others who have the disease. Most that I have met seem wary and somewhat afraid of what the future brings. I have tried to plan my future but in all actuality I had no better idea what was coming my way when I was in my 20’s than what I do now, in my 60”s .

Some put their faith in Religion, some put their faith in their drugs, or their Doctors, or whom ever.

Few seem to have faith in themselves!

I am not Religious in any way, I do not believe in God. Yet I am a man of faith!

Faith in myself, faith in my friends, faith in my family, faith in my Doctors.

Even though it must have been luck, So far I have chosen wisely.

Living with Parkinson’s must begin with who you see in the mirror, it must begin with you! You and you alone, will create whether your relationship with this disease detracts from your life or whether your life still awaits more wonders to come it’s way.

Support is just that, support. Use them positively, but remember your support is only as strong as you allow them, or it, to be.

How you have lived your life before the diagnosis will have a big influence in how you will continue to live going on. Life style, family and friend relationships, your attitude, all have been formed over many years. If these have been positive before, then they should continue to be so.

Just to let you know my relationship with this disease so far, has taken its toll. I have tremors, I have foot cramps, I have fatigue, I don’t sleep well at night, I have lost all my teeth, (do have lovely implants though), i have lost most of my sense of smell and with that some of my sense of taste, I sometimes have nose bleeds and my bones and muscles ache constantly, but each day still brings wonder and amazement my way.

I continue to try and live an active life style. My wife and I dance twice a week, I curl twice a week, we hike, we run in two or three 5km runs each summer, I skate in my Hockey Goaltending school, I play with my grandchildren. I still enjoy the odd beer or two, or three or ?

Parkinson’s is in me but it doesn’t rule me.

Parkinson’s isn’t the death sentence, LIFE is!

Life should not be lived in fear, it should be lived in one of wonder and Joy of what is coming your way.

Attitude is everything, make sure yours is positive!

Published by Parkinson's My Super Power

My name is Ian Robertson, I was diagnosed with parkinson's May of 2012. I started taking medication May 2016. I am active. I run, I dance, I curl, I hike, I bike, I skate and I am a Instructor for hockey goaltenders I am self employed. I married in 1982 and have three children, and 8 grandchildren.

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