Putting the “U” in Parkinson’s

Understand that a Parkinson’s diagnosis means that somewhere in there, is an invisible vowel.  That vowel is a U. Parkinson’s must not take so strong of a hold on you that it defines who you are. However, you can, you must, define the Parkinson’s in you. By doing so, you can put your own stampContinue reading “Putting the “U” in Parkinson’s”

The Same Song (One World, One Voice)

To help bring awareness to a Parkinson’s song that is close to my heart. The Same Song ( One World, One Voice) is focusing on Parkinson’s Awareness. This seems to be as good as time as any to once again showcase a song that a good friend of mine (Glenn Reid) wrote. After seeing andContinue reading “The Same Song (One World, One Voice)”

The 4 P’s of a Parkinson’s workout

The 4 P’s of a Parkinson’s workout We , Parkies must have more impact and more involvement, not only in finding a cure but by being more in charge of our own day to day care. To often we let our doctors and therapists design a program for us with out any involvement from us.Continue reading “The 4 P’s of a Parkinson’s workout”