Parkinson’s and Vision

While Parkinson’s is considered a movement disorder pretty much all movement originates from how and what we see. The Quiet Eye: How to Train the Way You Gaze (and Why) By Liz MarmeshHealth and Wellness Reading Time: 6 minutes Pick your favorite sport, any sport. Imagine the player you most admire walking up to theContinue reading “Parkinson’s and Vision”

Treat the person not the disease

When I first got diagnosed with Parkinson’s my neurologist stated that “ I may have 200 patients with Parkinson’s, yet because Parkinson’s affects them all differently, I therefore on a case by case basis, am trying to treat 200 different diseases! ” Yes there are common bonds, that affect us all, but if, when andContinue reading “Treat the person not the disease”

Self Isolation and my Parkinson’s

I’m finding out just how important social interaction with my friends and family play in how Parkinson’s and I interact. It seems that self isolation because of the corona virus makes it harder for me to practice what I preach. I have been fortunate to have many relationships that make me enjoy my life. TheseContinue reading “Self Isolation and my Parkinson’s”

Is the guinea pig in me taking me out of the fast lane?

Since my diagnosis I have been willing to partake in any trial that might, if not develop a cure, at least help those of us with Parkinson’s live a productive PAIN free day on a more regular basis. However sometimes the guinea pig in me exposes me to a little pain along the way toContinue reading “Is the guinea pig in me taking me out of the fast lane?”

A Parkinson’s Perspective

So you have Parkinson’s! All Parkies will face obstacles and challenges, however controlling your perspective, can help in giving you back some control, not only in your battle with Parkinson’s but in your life as well .Emotions and reactions have to be controlled during these tough times. Even when things are going well, the rightContinue reading “A Parkinson’s Perspective”