Emotional control is just a breath away

The first thing that we hear about when we get the Parkinson’s diagnosis is that we will probably experience the 7 stages of grief. Well these 7 stages of grief are all emotions. If you are to co-habitate with this disease you must try and keep these emotions in check. You must have an understandingContinue reading “Emotional control is just a breath away”

Endeavor to Persevere

Endeaver to PersevereParkinsons- My Super Power·Monday, May 20, 2019·1 minute30 Reads When best-laid plans have fallen to waste and frustration abounds in their former place, when failure looms with doubts and fears we must endeavor to persevere! Poem by George Wootten For me, the knowing that I use to be able to do so manyContinue reading “Endeavor to Persevere”

8 Common Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a long-term degenerative disease that affects the central nervous system. To date, there is no cure for the condition, but there are medications and therapies available to address some of the symptoms and improve quality of life for patients. To read more, click link below. http://vhealthpluse.com/category/parkinsons-disease/

Quality of Life, where does it start?

How this Parkie defines Quality of life. Some people look at Quality of life and think that to have a high quality of life, that life must knock your socks off! Not so for this Parkie! For me, my Quality of life starts by putting my socks on! They can’t get knocked off unless theyContinue reading “Quality of Life, where does it start?”