May, might be Inevitable, but it doesn’t mean NOW!

The most damaging word upon Diagnosis? Is the word “May’ There is a difference between the words”Will” and “May”. It seems upon diagnosis we forget that. It frustrates the hell out of me when Parkies, newly diagnosed or not, focus so much on what ”May” happen that they fail to see what is happening toContinue reading “May, might be Inevitable, but it doesn’t mean NOW!”

Exercise and Music

Before I begin let’s understand the definition of Exercise. Exercise : Noun, an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain health and fitness. So by that definition a Parkie just living an active life, is actually doing Exercise? Once again I believe every exercise involves four components: 1: Physical 2: Visual 3:Mental 4: OralContinue reading “Exercise and Music”

Feed the Brain? Thoughts are food!

Food for thoughts, our thoughts are food! When one thinks of Diet, Food and Nutrition, they most commonly think of them as fuel for the Body. Believing that in order for the Body to perform well, a proper diet along with exercise, are musts. They focus so much on what goes into the Body, yetContinue reading “Feed the Brain? Thoughts are food!”

Embrace your Diagnosis

Being newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s may seem daunting ! But it doesn’t have to be. In fact receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis should provide you with a big sigh of relief. Think about it, prior to the diagnosis you had various symptoms which were unexplained and that lack of understanding of what was wrong, caused youContinue reading “Embrace your Diagnosis”

When Parkinson’s was Invisible to us

In a weird way getting a Parkinson’s diagnosis can actually provide us with an edge in our battle with the disease. Living with Parkinson’s did not start upon a diagnosis, only our awareness of it did. In actuality we were living with Parkinson’s probably for months if not years before our diagnosis. In that pre-diagnosisContinue reading “When Parkinson’s was Invisible to us”

Better Vision leads to Better Movement

What you see, depends on How you see it. Think , Breath, See, Do Breath, Think, See, Do See , Think, Breath, Do The first three seem interchangeable however the “Do” is almost always last. Yet when we exercise or work out the priority seems to work on the “DO”. The muscles seem to takeContinue reading “Better Vision leads to Better Movement”