Endeavor to Persevere

Endeaver to PersevereParkinsons- My Super Power¬∑Monday, May 20, 2019¬∑1 minute30 Reads When best-laid plans have fallen to waste and frustration abounds in their former place, when failure looms with doubts and fears we must endeavor to persevere! Poem by George Wootten For me, the knowing that I use to be able to do so manyContinue reading “Endeavor to Persevere”

Finding that right support group

Okay you just got diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you and your caregiver are looking for answers. Can a support group be of some help? My answer to this is YES and NO! Boy that’s gotta be helpful to you, right? Support groups can be very enjoyable and rewarding, and should definitely be considered as an importantContinue reading “Finding that right support group”