Should Parkinsons affect our meaning of life?

Albert Einstein once wrote “ The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless, is not merely unhappy but not fit for life.”

I believe that our lives have meaning. However my definition of “Meaning” may vary from yours!

Just because we have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, should not alter what or how we view life. What made me happy before still makes me happy. What I enjoyed before, I might even enjoy more now! Having a diagnosis of Parkinson’s might even give my life more meaning!

Don’t let your Emotions get the better of you.

We can’t ignore Parkinson’s. We can’t forget that it is in our lives. It seems inevitable that we will succumb to it eventually.

But we do not have to accept it willingly!

Treat it as bad as it treats you. We will all have good days and bad days, but Hell, we had good days and bad days before Parkinson’s!

The only thing that is maybe different now, is maybe our definition of a good day or bad day.

So whether we are Parkinson’s people of many years or just recently diagnosed, there is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing that we should feel we have to hide.

Remember people will treat us, as they see us treat ourselves. If we are ashamed and uncomfortable with our Parkinson’s, so to will they be.

If we are uncomfortable talking about it, so to will they.

So give your life meaning.

Get out and enjoy the world and accept what it has to offer!

As that song goes “We are here for a Good Time, Not a long time!”

Get some meaning back into your life!

Published by Parkinson's My Super Power

My name is Ian Robertson, I was diagnosed with parkinson's May of 2012. I started taking medication May 2016. I am active. I run, I dance, I curl, I hike, I bike, I skate and I am a Instructor for hockey goaltenders I am self employed. I married in 1982 and have three children, and 8 grandchildren.

One thought on “Should Parkinsons affect our meaning of life?

  1. Hi Ian. Good message, despite the misquote of Einstein’s take on the matter. He did not go so far as to categorically say those in question were not fit for life. We all need to find or create meaning within our personal lives, but I reserve the right to doubt that in the big picture there is meaning to the cosmos.


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