The Fear of Parkinson’s, is it fact or a Myth

How does that old saying go? “ There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

To me living with Parkinson’s is not something to be fearful of, but something that I must respect if I want to live with it.

Similar to living by a lake. Yes the water is capable of taking my life if I don’t respect it, but if I take swimming lessons, boating lessons, and use flotation devices I can co exist with it. So to is it with Parkinson’s.

I have always been accused of being different but I have never really felt that way until I got diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

The more I read and research, the more I am thankful for how I was raised.

For it amazes me how people experience a setback and take it as something to dread and be fearful of.

Aging changes all our lives, to those of us with Parkinson’s , well Parkinson’s is part of our aging process.

It is not Parkinson’s that frustrates me, it is how the people react to their diagnosis that frustrates me.

Is what they are feeling caused by what they read and hear? The vast majority of which, in my opinion is facts accompanied with fear. Would they feel different if they were just presented with the facts.

Parkinson’s only changes everything if you let it change everything! If you feel that Parkinson’s makes you a worrier, then you probably were a worrier before the diagnosis.

As I enter another year with Parkinson’s I can honestly say it has not robbed me of anything that life has to offer. Yes it has changed things but it has actually made me more aware of things that I may have taken for granted before.

Being part of the solution then is to stop the fear mongering, and start presenting positive outcomes to what Parkinson’s tries to throw in front of us.

Attitude is everything!

Published by Parkinson's My Super Power

My name is Ian Robertson, I was diagnosed with parkinson's May of 2012. I started taking medication May 2016. I am active. I run, I dance, I curl, I hike, I bike, I skate and I am a Instructor for hockey goaltenders I am self employed. I married in 1982 and have three children, and 8 grandchildren.

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