Damn You Parkinson’s!

It is said you don’t die from Parkinson’s.

That may be true but , in my opinion, you can certainly die, because of Parkinson’s!

Today I experienced that with the passing of a family friend. We are close to the same age and both were diagnosed in the same year.

In my previous posts I have always tried to show a positive side in order to cope with this parasite of a disease.

And that is what it is, a parasite.

Taking bits and pieces of our mind, body and spirit in increments, sometimes so small that we will give up that part of us without a fight.

I will give Parkinson’s this day, for today my attitude has faced an unexpected full frontal assault, It has staggered me!

Since boxing and Parkinson’s seem to go together these days.

I have been knocked down.

But know this, I am not knocked out.

Today I may have lost this round, but it was only to honour my friend.

Parkinson’s, tomorrow is a new day!

A new day that I will try my best to answer the bell and once again start swinging back.

My fight, my spirit, together with his memory, inspire me.

There is still fight in this shaky body and I’m still willing to go a few more rounds with you.

Go a head. Hit me with your best shot!

I know I can take it!

Rest In Peace G.S.

Published by Parkinson's My Super Power

My name is Ian Robertson, I was diagnosed with parkinson's May of 2012. I started taking medication May 2016. I am active. I run, I dance, I curl, I hike, I bike, I skate and I am a Instructor for hockey goaltenders I am self employed. I married in 1982 and have three children, and 8 grandchildren.

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