Emotional control is just a breath away

The first thing that we hear about when we get the Parkinson’s diagnosis is that we will probably experience the 7 stages of grief.

Well these 7 stages of grief are all emotions. If you are to co-habitate with this disease you must try and keep these emotions in check.

You must have an understanding of how your emotions can affect how and what you choose to do in your daily life.

Emotional control involves making sure the mind and body does not create or hold tension. Tension makes you vulnerable. Tension makes your body tight. This tightness will effectively eliminate any chance that you will move smoothly and efficiently,

The best way to control tension is to begin by being able to recognize and stop beginning to feel anger or worry. Once you have recognized the need to stay in control it is time to focus on your breathing. Proper breathing is the absolute best and quickest way to bring you back down to earth, so we can continue to give us the best chance to perform.

In order to begin to learn proper breathing technique you must understand the process.

Proper breathing is the best and quickest way to maintain emotional control.Focus on breathing in fully through the nose, to your lungs capacity, and breathing out until the lungs are empty.

1: Feel the rhythm: The most important part of breathing is to focus on the rhythm of each breath.. As you breath, feel the breath come in….and feel the breath flow out. Take a moment to feel the breathing in… and the breath flowing out. You need to experience proper breathing. The key is time. you must allow for a full breath to come in and a full breath to flow out. Compare your breath to an ocean wave, waves always take their time.

2: Inspiration: If breathing is respiration then you must focus on the in-breath; the inspiration. While breathing in you must realize that each breath in brings energy! Energy is all around you whether you are at home or away. Since the in-breath is energy learn to use it, in fact, tap it out. First focus on the breathing and then draw in the power to help you be your best.

3:Direction: After feeling the rhythm and the inspiration it is time to direct your breathing.You can direct your energy to any and all parts of your body. With every out-breath you can imagine yourself sending to all points of you body. Imagine yourself as …a five pointed star:

If you imagine yourself as a five-pointed star you can take the energy from your core (lungs) and send energy to any, if not all, points of the star. If you are feeling tired send energy to your brain so you can stay focused and refreshed. If you are fatigued you might want to send energy to all points of the star. ** Remember- You are the five- pointed star and you are capable of controlling your energy levels.

If the mind can see it the body will do it!

By focusing on breathing you have stopped yourself from dwelling on the negatives either in the past or yet to come in the future.Proper Breathing allows you to stay in the present thus helping you to stay in better control and leading to a more awesomeness.

This is adapted from an article that we wrote for our Hockey Goaltending schoo

lMTN- Mind the Net Goaltending

I can’t get over how much MTN has helped me in my Parkinson’s.

Published by Parkinson's My Super Power

My name is Ian Robertson, I was diagnosed with parkinson's May of 2012. I started taking medication May 2016. I am active. I run, I dance, I curl, I hike, I bike, I skate and I am a Instructor for hockey goaltenders I am self employed. I married in 1982 and have three children, and 8 grandchildren.

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